Skin Care Laser in Farmington, MO

For some people, psoriasis can serve as a perpetual source of discomfort, embarrassment, or both. If you're tired of walking around with inflamed, red, scaly patches of skin, come to Forefront Dermatology in Farmington, MO to learn more about our psoriasis treatment options.

Don't Suffer in Silence

Patients who suffer from chronic psoriasis will sometimes resign themselves to a lifetime of suffering. But you should know that help is available thanks to the psoriasis treatment options offered by Forefront Dermatology. Using advanced tools and techniques, we work to treat psoriasis in areas of the body such as the:

  • Elbows
  • Hands
  • Knees
  • Scalp

At Forefront Dermatology, we understand that psoriasis can impact not just your appearance, but your overall quality of life. For this reason, we offer a customized treatment plan to every patient in Farmington, MO who comes to us for help. For more information about psoriasis treatment or to schedule a consultation, call us today.

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